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Section 6: Environmental Speed Limits

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An environmental speed limit is a speed limit created by the Texas Transportation Commission at the request of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) for the purpose of meeting federal air-quality standards. The TCEQ is the state air-pollution control agency and is the principal authority in the state on matters relating to the quality of the state’s air resources.

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Existing Environmental Speed Limits

Existing environmental speed limits created at the request of the TCEQ may be retained on the state highway system until such time as the TCEQ advises the department in writing that the speed limit is unnecessary and a speed study performed for the area finds that the existing environmental speed zone is not reflective of the 85th percentile speed as determined by procedures detailed in this manual.

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New Environmental Speed Limits Prohibited

As per Transportation Code, §545.353(j), no new environmental speed limits may be created on the state highway system.

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