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Section 7: Requirements for Submission of Graphics Files for On-System Projects



The purpose of this section is to provide requirements for the graphics standards, and file management (structure and naming conventions) of ROW mapping electronic deliverables submitted to the ROW Division as an integral part of the ROW mapping package.

The software, file types and file formats must be compatible with those used by the district/division design for schematics and PS&E, example: native current version MicroStation for graphics, Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF for descriptions, etc.



All graphic files for ROW map sheet and property description parcel plats must be native DGN files created by the current version of MicroStation using the current TxDOT seed files in the TxDOT workspace environment, settings, and resource files.

All files shall contain at minimum, company name, company logo, company phone number, firm number, surveyors name, RCSJ#, date of survey, state plane zone, surface adjustment factor, and revision information.


MicroStation Level Library Files

The current TxDOT level library files for ROW mapping will be provided by TxDOT. The file(s) contains all the predefined levels that will normally be needed for ROW mapping and to show existing utilities.


DGN File Properties and Naming Convention of the Parcel Plat Pages

Each DGN file shall be spatially correct (snapping on elements gives correct coordinate values), and there should be one (1) DGN file for each parcel plat page. All the parcel plat pages will utilize the same master reference files.

The parcel plat and/or ROW map sheet naming convention is "ROWCSJ_ParcelNumber_PgNumber.dgn", with an example as follows: "212104065_01_P01.dgn".

The format for the PDF of the Property Description is slightly different, since the PDF will contain the parcel ID to link the PDF to the online parcel in the Real Property Asset Map. The naming convention is "District Aberration_ROWCSJ_ParcelIDNumber.pdf", with an example as follows: "ELP_212104065_P00001234.pdf".


Naming Convention of the Master ROW Files (MRF) in DGN Format

The master ROW file naming convention is “MRF ROW CSJ_Logical Name.dgn", with examples as follows:

All similar features must be on separate levels for easy separation from text.

Proposed ROW parcels shall be comprised of complex lines.

All MRF dgn files shall be provided in surface and grid coordinate systems.

All sheet files with a plan view will have the MRF referenced to sheet files to allow more than one sheet file to be worked on at the same time.


File Structure of Master and Reference DGNs

Use few or no subfolders to allow better transfer of data to different PCs, server drive names, or CDs/DVDs without path problems to reference files when the sheet files are opened.


Line Weights, Line Styles, Colors, Text Size, Text Fonts, Scale, and Annotations

Legibility is the primary concern when choosing the scale, line weights and text size. Parcel pages shall be legible at full scale sheet size (8-1/2" x 11") and the reproductions (copies) must also be legible.

The scales will be one of the standard engineering scales. The choice of the scale will be determined by the legibility of the parcel plate pages.

Use "MicroStation Packager" for the submission of electronic deliverables. This will capture any non TxDOT standard rsc, cel, text, etc. files that were used in the mapping that look and plot differently in the TxDOT MicroStation workspace.


Text and Line Colors when Using Color Digital Orthos in the Background

The predominate colors of the digital orthos (greens, browns, etc) will dictate the line and text colors that stand out and are legible. Use trial and error, as needed, to select legible text and line colors.


Required Data in the Geopak ROW GPK File

The following are required data in the Geopak ROW GPK File (start with Schematic or Design GPK file):


Surface Coordinates

Surface adjustment factors and basis of datum shall be well documented in all electronic deliverables "file structure/deliverables read me" file.

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