Chapter 1: Introduction

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Section 1: About This Manual

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The Research Manual presents program processes, policies, and an overview of the technical research program of the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). Managed by TxDOT Research and Technology Implementation Division (RTI), the program includes financial support for implementation of research results through the RTI Implementation Program.

This manual:

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  • describes the various programs and activities, how they are developed, and provides an overview of how they work,
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  • describes the individuals and organizations involved in research and their overall responsibilities,
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  • describes the legal and policy matters involved in the program, such as authorizing legislation and federal and state regulations, and
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  • includes the RTI management process

This manual is a supplement to the provisions of the Cooperative Research and Implementation Agreements (CRIAs) executed between TxDOT and each Texas state-supported universities, university systems, and Federal agency that participate in the SPRII (Subpart B) Federal Program. The CRIA outlines the program policies and provides an overview of TxDOT's technical research program. By signing the CRIA, each university, university system, or Federal agency, agrees to abide by TxDOT procedures in the conduct of research and implementation projects. This manual provides the framework and policies under which those procedures are developed.

In addition, this manual serves to delineate the internal management processes that guide RTI and serves as a high-level outline of how RTI functions within the SPR (Subpart B) Federal program.

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