Chapter 7: Invoicing

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Section 1: General Information

TxDOT reimburses Universities for actual costs incurred in carrying out work as outlined in the project agreement, as well as indirect costs based on the project agreement’s indirect rate. For Deliverables Base project invoices, Universities must include an RTI Invoice Review form showing the period of project activity being invoiced and total amount charged per deliverable. This process is fundamental to the Deliverables Base contracting mechanism, in particular by allowing for the comparison of actual spending to anticipated spending based on the Project Deliverables Table.

CRIA Article 13, “Billing and Payment”, includes provisions covering billing frequency, references to cost principles and circulars, penalties assessed on untimely billings, and withholding of payments. Also, a detailed description of allowable costs is included in the University Handbook, Chapter 7, Section 1, “Allowable Costs”.

For each fiscal year that a project is active, universities are expected to submit a final invoice, marked “Final”. If a university cannot meet the regular final billing deadline for continuing projects (October 31st of the following fiscal year), the Universities shall notify RTI, including the estimated amount(s) to be billed late.

RTI retains an electronic record of university invoices as part of each project agreement’s electronic file, according to TxDOT’s Records Retention Schedule. Additionally, the Universities shall comply with Article 14, “Records and Audits retention”.

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