Section 2: Project Participation

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Costs Charged to RTI

Research Program — The Research and Technology Implementation Division (RTI) maintains a charge number for use by TxDOT employees who are involved in managing individual research projects. This charge number is available for both time and travel charges related to research project management and are not project specific. Non-TxDOT employees serving on PMCs are not typically reimbursed for time or travel costs, unless previously authorized.

RTI also establishes project specific charge numbers, see below. These charge numbers are used by TxDOT employees providing assistance on university projects.

Implementation Program — Time or travel charges related to specific implementation projects are charged to RTI only if the scope of the specific implementation project includes those costs. Implementation project budgets do not typically include travel costs. These costs are typically charged to a TxDOT employee’s regular overhead account.

TxDOT Assistance on University Projects — University researchers sometimes need assistance from TxDOT to be able to perform work in the field. Traffic control is a common example of this type of assistance. After the researcher contacts TxDOT field personnel to coordinate the anticipated field work, the University Liaison submits a request to RTI describing the work, the estimated cost, and whether the work is expected to be performed by state forces or a contractor or Federal agency. After confirming that funds are available, RTI issues a Research Fund Authorization (RFA) and sets up a project specific charge number.

Individuals not serving in one of the approved capacities mentioned above are not eligible to use an RTI charge number.

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