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Section 4: Recertification

Approved products as a result of the New Product Evaluation Process are added to the Approved Product List (APL) and are listed for (3) three years.

An approved product requires recertification via the Approved Product Recertification Form 2789. Recertification of a product shall occur within its renewal period; (30) thirty days prior to and (30) thirty days after the expiration date.

Manufacturers and vendors are responsible for recertifying its product during the renewal period. The renewal shall certify that the submittal company name nor product has changed names, and the product has not been modified structurally or in any other way from the original product that was approved.

Approved products must have been sold to TxDOT in last three years or the product will not be recertified. Products that are not recertified may be resubmitted by the vendor (12) twelve months after the response is received.

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