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Section 6: Invoice Submission, Review, and Payment

University invoices and supporting documentation are submitted to RTI through a dedicated email account. After receipt, RTI’s Accounting Specialist reviews each invoice, to include but not limited to, adequate supporting documentation, accurate invoice totals, required approvals, late-invoicing penalties, travel reimbursement limits, and overdue deliverables. Next, RTI’s Project Manager reviews the invoice to ensure all costs are appropriate and creates a receipt for the invoice. RTI’s Project Manager approval is documented on the review form, which is retained with the university invoice. After the Project Manager notifies the Accounting Specialist that the invoice is approved, the Accounting Specialist notifies TxDOT’s Finance Division that the invoice is approved for payment.

If an invoice is not approved, the Accounting Specialist advises the university and requests resubmission of the invoice with adjustments and/or additional documentation as appropriate. Invoices are typically paid by the Texas Comptroller’s Office 30 days after their receipt at RTI, pursuant to CRIA Article 13, “Billing and Payment”.

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