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This page lists the TxDOT Online Manuals by collection.


Bridge Project Development Manual 

Concrete Repair Manual 

Geotechnical Manual 

Historic Bridge Manual 

Bridge Inspection Manual 

Bridge Design Manual - LRFD 

Bridge Railing Manual 


TxDOT Glossary 


Construction Contract Administration Manual 

Quality Assurance Program 

Contract Management

Negotiated Contracts Policy Manual 


Access Management Manual 

DCIS User Manual 

Hydraulic Design Manual 

Landscape and Aesthetics Design Manual 

Local Government Projects Policy Manual 

Pavement Design Guide 

Project Development Process Manual 

PS&E Preparation Manual 

Roadway Design Manual 


Hazardous Materials in Project Development Manual 

Information Resources

TxDOT Survey Manual 


Maintenance Management Manual 

Maintenance Operations Manual 

Seal Coat and Surface Treatment Manual 

Snow and Ice Control Operations Manual 

Use of Right of Way by Others Manual 

Roadside Vegetation Management Manual 

Materials and Tests

Commercial Warehousing Program 

Planning and Programming

Transportation Multimodal Systems Manual 

Metropolitan Planning Funds Administration 

Transportation Planning Manual 

Transportation Planning Policy Manual 

Transportation Planning Process Manual 

Transportation Programming & Scheduling Manual 

Traffic Data and Analysis Manual 

Traffic Recorder Instruction Manual 

Texas Reference Marker (TRM) System User’s Manual 


Research Manual 

Right of Way

Real Estate Acquisition Guide for Local Public Agencies 

R/W Appraisal and Review Manual 

R/W Manual Vol. 1 -- Preliminary Procedures for the Authority to Proceed 

R/W Manual Vol. 2 - Right of Way Acquisition 

R/W Manual Vol. 3 -- Relocation Assistance 

R/W Manual Vol. 4 - Eminent Domain 

R/W Manual Vol. 5 -- Property Management 

R/W Manual Vol. 6 -- Miscellaneous 

R/W Manual Vol. 7 -- Beautification 

R/W Manual Vol. 8 -- Records, Reports and Closing Projects 

R/W Utility Manual 

Traffic Operations

Freeway Signing Handbook 

Highway Safety Improvement Program Manual 

Highway Illumination Manual 

Pavement Marking Handbook 

Sign Crew Field Book 

Signs and Markings Manual 

Procedures for Establishing Speed Zones 

Traffic Safety Program Manual 

Rail-Highway Operations Manual 

Railroad Operations Volume 

Traffic Signals Manual 

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