Chapter 2: Access Management Criteria


Section 1: Access Management Classification System

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Classification Overview

This section describes the Department’s access management classification system and provides guidance for assigning access management criteria to state highways. The criteria in the following sections are designed to preserve highway safety and to assure that each highway’s importance to statewide mobility will be considered when evaluating requests for access to a roadway under the jurisdiction of TxDOT. The number, spacing, design, and location of access connections, median openings, turn lanes, and traffic signals have a direct and often significant effect on the safety and operation of the highway. The criteria are necessary to enable the highway to continue to function efficiently and safely in the future, while at the same time providing reasonable access to development.

The criteria and procedures for managing highway access differ for new highways on new alignments versus existing highways. Therefore, new highways on new alignments will be addressed separately.

The access management classification systems discussed in the following sections are:

  • New highways on new alignments
  • Freeway mainlanes
  • Frontage roads
  • Other state system highways.

The following sections describe application of the access criteria and the purpose, function, and access management requirements for each of these roadway classifications.

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