Section 3: New Highways on New Alignments

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Purpose and Functional Criteria

When a new highway is constructed on a new alignment, and the Commission determines that the new highway will be access controlled, direct access to the new highway will be determined prior to right-of-way acquisition and will be described in the right-of-way deeds. (For application of access connections where TxDOT controls the access, refer to Chapter 2, Section 2, Application of Access Criteria).

Such new highways may initially have at-grade intersections, yet be intended for ultimate upgrade to full freeway criteria. In such cases, temporary access may be permitted where a property would otherwise be landlocked. When temporary access is permitted, the access permit will clearly state that the connection is temporary and will identify the terms and conditions of its temporary use and the conditions of the permanent access connection. The permit will also clearly state that the temporary connection will be closed and removed at such time that permanent access becomes available.

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