Section 4: Sale of TxDOT Controlled Access

In locations where TxDOT controls the access along the state highway, a request to purchase the access must first be submitted to the local TxDOT district office and then sent to the TxDOT Administration through the Design Division. If the Administration concurs with the purchase request, then the Commission will consider the sale of the access. It is important to understand that access is an interest in real property and cannot be sold without Commission approval.

While the data will vary based on the individual request or location, information required for submission of a request to sell TxDOT controlled access may include:

  • District, county, city, highway, location, and right of way points of proposed access breaks,
  • Dated chronology of correspondence, meetings, or discussion concerning the access request,
  • Participants in the request process, including city, county, developers, consultants, legal counsel, etc.,
  • Any local funding contributions (amount or percentages),
  • Highway layout showing the proposed access site and the upstream/downstream roadway system and associated access (including roadway/driveway geometrics if applicable to resolution),
  • Future development (both of the roadway and adjacent property),
  • Present and future traffic volumes, including turning movements, at intersections and access points within the logical termini,
  • Any engineering studies or traffic modeling that have been completed,
  • Unified Transportation Program (UTP) status,
  • Environmental status,
  • Right of Way (ROW) status; and
  • District discussion/comments on present and future impacts to the state highway system.

Refer to Chapter 3, Section 3 for engineering study and/or Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) discussion.

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