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Section 9: Certificates Required of Title Companies

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If the property owner has specified that the executed deed is to be held by the title company pending receipt of the State's warrant, the title company will prepare a copy of the executed deed and will execute thereon its certificate in the form shown below. This certified copy of the deed will be made part of the Form 132 or ROW-A-15, Payment Request, as appropriate, submission for the parcel payment.

Anchor: #i1001018Sample Certification of Title Company that Deed is Held in Escrow

"I do hereby certify that this is a true and exact copy of the original executed deed placed in escrow with us and the original will be turned over to the State upon receipt of State warrant payable to us and seller. "

The following are examples of suggested signature blocks for this certification:

If signed by Agent for Underwriter

If signed by Underwriting Company

XYZ Underwriting Company

XYZ Underwriting Company

By: ABC Abstract Company, Agent

By: John Doe, Vice President

By: Ray Smith, [show title here]


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