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Section 4: Conversion of Right of Way Projects from State Funded to Federal

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Application of Conversion of Costs

Federal participation in right of way costs will be requested only on projects which are converted to the alternate procedure discussed Acquisition Coordination and all of the pertinent requirements will apply to those projects converted to Federal aid.

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Conversion Procedures

Observe the following procedures when converting State funded projects to Federal participation in right of way:

  • Identify all documents with Federal project identification numbers.
  • Satisfy public involvement and environmental requirements. FHWA approval is required before request for the FPAA.
  • Prepare right of way maps according with procedures in TxDOT’s Right of Way Manual Vol. 1 - Procedures Preliminary to Release, Chapter 4, Surveying, Maps, and Parcels.
  • Furnish relocation assurances and plans covering anticipated displacements according to applicable provisions of Right of Way Manual Vol. 3 - Relocation Assistance.
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Payment Obligations and Date of Legal Obligation to Pay

Eligibility for Federal participation in right of way costs is established if TxDOT legally obligates itself to pay such costs (1) after an FPAA is received from the FHWA and (2) if there is no violation of Federal regulations in prior right of way activity. No payments should occur before issuance of the FPAA.

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