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Section 3: General Submission Requirements for Formal Negotiations

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Detailed procedures for negotiations vary, depending on the State agency involved. However, the following materials are usually required for action by the ROW Program Office in Austin. Variations from these requirements are as outlined in Texas Department of Texas Departments of State Health Services and of Aging and Disability Services Lands through Veterans Land Board Land Under Contract to a Veteran, depending on the State agency involved.

Four copies of property descriptions and four white prints of a sketch (or a section of the right of way map showing the parcel) are needed. If additional sketches are required to properly identify the boundaries or location of the properties, four copies of such sketches must be included. The Department's letter, as well as all items included in the submission, must clearly identify by parcel number all land being acquired in the negotiation. Also, furnish information regarding any access control rights to be acquired. This submission must be made as soon as possible during project development to allow adequate time for State agency action.

Upon receiving the Department's submission, the ROW Program Office in Austin makes a formal request to the State agency, forwarding three copies of the property descriptions, maps, and sketches. The Department is kept informed of progress, and the proposed conveyance instrument, including all negotiation terms, is forwarded for Department review and approval before TxDOT acceptance. Upon State agency execution and TxDOT acceptance, the instrument is recorded in the county records and returned to the ROW Program Office in Austin for permanent filing.

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