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Section 7: Leasehold Signs (for LPA)

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The costs of acquiring leasehold advertising sign interests are eligible for state participation only when a compensable realty interest has been determined and a release or quitclaim of property interests has been obtained. The determination of compensability need not be submitted to the ROW Program Office. However, the release or quitclaim must be submitted, along with the deed from the fee owner, before reimbursement can be made. It is recommended that the LPA follow the procedures outlined in Sections 1 through 5 of this chapter. TxDOT should closely coordinate the LPA's efforts in this regard.

Note: In the event any existing, future, or proposed LPA ordinance, commissioners court order, rule, policy, or other directive, including, but not limited to, those concerning outdoor advertising, are more restrictive than State law, policy, or directive, and thereby result in any increased costs, then the LPA will pay one hundred percent (100%) of all such increased costs regardless of the funding arrangement specified in the State/Local agreement, even if the applicable county qualifies as an economically disadvantaged county.

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