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This page discusses the impact a r/w acquisition of land owned by the Parks and Wildlife Department may have on remaining property.

Section 5: Parks and Wildlife Department Lands

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At times, the acquisition of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) land will have an impact on remaining property. TxDOT negotiators may not readily observe these impacts. Therefore, it is important that there is agreement with TPWD concerning alterations or adjustments of existing facilities. It is TPWD practice for a field representative to conduct a site inspection before the matter is ever presented to the TPWD Commission for its consideration.

Based on past experience, TPWD's handling of TxDOT's right of way requests are greatly expedited if initial TxDOT submissions contain sufficient sketches to show all proposed work. Therefore, in addition to the right of way map, supplementary sketches are required that show this detailed information. Include four prints, with supporting explanation, in the submission to the ROW Program Office in Austin.

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