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Section 5: Payment Procedures for Negotiated Parcels (for LPA)

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Precede or accompany requests for reimbursement on negotiated parcels (including the cost of land, improvements and property adjustments necessitated by the right of way taking) by or with the instruments of conveyance and assurance of title for the parcels.

Submit requests for reimbursement on eligible negotiated parcel costs to the ROW Program Office on ROW-A-15 Payment Request, supported by one copy of form ROW-N-20AB Tabulation of Cost & Request for Reimbursement. The following instructions are pertinent to preparing form ROW-N-20AB Tabulation of Cost & Request for Reimbursement for negotiated parcels:

Indicate the parcel number in Column 1.

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  • Show the LPA's gross cost in Column 2. This figure is the cash consideration paid directly to the property owner as recited in the deed, and the cost of property adjustments (required by the right of way taking).
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  • Compute the LPA's requested reimbursement on negotiated parcel costs shown in Column 3 as follows:
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    • Reduce the state's approved value by the retention value applicable to each improvement retained by the owner. The resulting adjusted approved value establishes the basis for determining state reimbursement. The amount shown in Column 3 will be the lesser of the state's pro rata share of the adjusted approved value or the state's pro rata share of the gross parcel cost shown in Column 2.
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  • Column 4 is the net credit or loss from the sale of improvements by the LPA.
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  • Column 5 is the total of Columns 3 and 4 and is the total reimbursement requested.
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  • List the improvements retained by the owner in negotiations in Column 6. These item numbers are identified on form ROW-A-10 Tabulation of Values.
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  • The LPA's expenditures for moving or adjusting improvements as required by the right of way taking must be shown in Column 7. The gross cost to be shown in Column 2 is the sum of the amount shown in Column 7 and the consideration recited in the deed.
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  • Indicate total acreage conveyed by all instruments supporting the reimbursement submission in the lower portion of ROW-A-15 Payment Request.
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