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Section 7: Procuring Title Data

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Secure the service of an approved title insurance company and furnish it with sufficient preliminary title data to determine the property descriptions of the parent tracts out of which parcels are to be procured. Furnish the names of the property owners. Also furnish the title insurance company schematics, right of way map if available, or property descriptions to assist in determination of the requirements to obtain clear title. Property Descriptions should show the location of fences and all improvements.

Transmit to the title insurance company information with regard to parties in possession, adverse possessors, leasehold interests, tenants, results of survey, and any information not normally reflected in the public deed records. This assists the title insurance company in locating title defects which the owner will be required to cure if they are not permitted as an exception in the title insurance commitment and policy.

When efforts to obtain title insurance or efficient title insurance service are fruitless, ROW PD should obtain instructions from the ROW Program Office.

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