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Section 5: Removal and Relocation of Certain Off-Premise Signs (for State)

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Off-Premise permitted signs displaced by a highway project, but which have been retained as part of a negotiated conveyance, may be eligible for a permit to be relocated to a new location. Such relocation permits must be coordinated by the sign owner with Commercial Signs Regulatory Program personnel and done in accordance with the ROW Beautification Manual. The permitting process for the relocation site cannot begin until after the sign has been removed.

Retained signs will be allowed to occupy the site for a period of time, post-conveyance. TxDOT will thereafter provide the sign owner a Notice to Vacate upon a date certain, as outlined in the approved OAS conveyance forms. Except for emergency situations, not less than 30 days (and preferably 60 days) advance notice to vacate should be given to the sign owner. To ensure that the sign does not conflict with construction, such notice should also be given not less than 60 days prior to the date on which the land on which the sign is erected is needed for construction purposes.

If the billboard structure owner does not remove the structure per the deed and Notice to Vacate, the ownership of the structure shall revert back to the state for removal. The sign structure owner will forfeit the salvage value, if any, retained by the state AND their eligibility for a relocation permit under the Outdoor Advertising permitting regulations.

If the billboard structure owner does not choose to retain the structure through a negotiated conveyance, then they will not be provided the ability to apply for a relocation permit under the current Outdoor Advertising permitting regulations and any application by the sign owner would be treated as an application for a new permit.

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