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Section 11: State Reimbursement for Local Government Acquired Right of Way

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LPA's Requests for Reimbursement

TxDOT should promptly reimburse local governments under the terms of the contractual agreement. However, all reimbursements must be initiated by a request from the local government. To verify that all required data is submitted, and to expedite the State's processing of these requests, sample forms are available for the local government's use in billing the State.

The local government does not need to complete its acquisitions or expenditures on an entire right of way project before requesting reimbursement. Reimbursement requests may be submitted on one or more parcels, when all reimbursable expenditures (except right of way fencing, and not less than 80 percent of the State's participation of the award on condemned parcels) are included in one billing. It is generally more practical to group several parcels in each request.

Reimbursement submission requirements for various reimbursable items are described in the following sections. Reimbursement requests may be combined into one request when each individual support requirement is fulfilled.

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Local Government Reimbursement Forms

All local government requests for reimbursement by the State must be billed on TxDOT ROW-A-15, Payment Request. The Department should prepare and review ROW-A-15, Payment Request, as described in Preparation of Preparation of “Payment Request” (ROW-A-15). The local government uses Form ROW-N-20AB, Tabulation of Cost & Request for Reimbursement to show agreement with amount to be reimbursed.

All parcel reimbursements (with the exception of those for local government right of way fencing) done on an actual cost or lump sum basis must be supported by three copies of Form ROW-N-20AB, Tabulation of Cost & Request for Reimbursement, sent to the ROW Program Office in Austin. The form must include ethnic coding to identify the property owner as minority or non-minority according to State Responsibility for Making Payment.

For condemned parcels, support ROW-A-15 and ROW-N-20AB with:

  • one copy of Form ROW-N-20C, Check Sheet to Support Reimbursement on Condemned Parcels
  • three copies of the breakdown of costs incurred in acquisition by condemnation
  • 80% of the State's participation of the Billing Based on Commissioners' Award
  • Billing based on the final judgment

Support ROW-A-15, Payment Request, for right of way fencing by the local government by submitting three copies of County's or City's Support for ROW-A-15, Payment Request, on Lump Sum Fencing or, County's or City's Support for ROW-A-15, Payment Request, on Actual Cost Fencing to the ROW Program Office in Austin.

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