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This page discusses utilizing property already owned by TxDOT as r/w.

Section 9: TxDOT Lands

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Occasionally in the widening or relocation of highways, portions of roadside parks or TxDOT office or warehouse sites may be needed for highway right of way. In such cases, determine if the State's land rights permit use for highway right of way, or if the original deed to the State limits its use. If sufficient rights are vested in the State and the General Services Division has approved reduction in size of the site, then assign a parcel number to the taking, calculate the size of the parcel and remainder, and notify the ROW Program Office in Austin accordingly. Revise the original right of way tracing of the site to show the taking and return it to the ROW Program Office. The ROW Program Office will furnish the recording data of the original instrument whereby the area taken was conveyed to the State in order that this information and explanation may be placed on the project right of way map. After this is done, the ROW Program Office notifies the General Services and Finance Divisions of the reduced size of the site, with reference to equipment numbers, so their records show the current site status.

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