Chapter 2: Types of Project Authorities

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Section 1: Authority Types

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The following subsections detail the types of authorization TxDOT may receive. Below each type of authorization is a list of additional information TxDOT personnel must provide to the ROW Program Office to obtain that particular authorization.

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Advanced Acquisition

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Limited Release for Preliminary Utility Activities

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  • Commission Minute Order - Project Authorization
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  • TxDOT letter requesting authorization to begin preliminary engineering for utility work in accordance with the ROW Utilities Manual.
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Limited Authority to Proceed

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Partial Authority to Proceed

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  • Commission Minute Order - Project Authorization
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  • Environmental clearance
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  • Copy of an approved property description for specific parcel(s) authorization
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  • Federal Project Authorization and Agreement (FPAA), if applicable, for federal funding
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  • Executable Contractual Agreement with local governments, if applicable; include two copies of the agreement or one electronic copy
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  • Copy of the check for the local government's contribution amount
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  • Copy of the local government's city ordinance or resolution.
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Full Authority to Proceed

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Limited Release for Utility Work Only

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