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Section 6: University of Texas Lands

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The University of Texas Board of Regents has requested that negotiations for right of way across Permanent University Fund land be conducted with the University Land Agent in Midland. When these lands are under the University's standard grazing lease, the University obtains the necessary lessee release. When business or residence site leases are involved, TxDOT negotiations with tenants and the University are handled separately. The University requests that any part of the right of way value attributed to water wells and casings be paid to the University. The University is responsible for making a fair settlement with the tenant on the cost of another well if relocated on University land. This requires that approved values be obtained for each right of way interest. Negotiations require close coordination and review by the University's Agent of approved values before any offers are made. The total approved value is paid to the University. However, two separate warrants for each parcel may be requested.

Where right of way is to be acquired from other University owned property, such as campus sites or gift trust fund land, negotiations are handled with the local University Business Manager. If there is doubt as to the proper contact for negotiation purposes, contact the ROW Program Office for assistance.

If the ROW Program Office handles the formal right of way request submission to the University, a copy of the property description must be submitted to the ROW Program Office at least sixty (60) to ninety (90) days before any project work is contemplated. This allows time for consideration, investigation, and action by the Board of Regents of the University.

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