Chapter 4: Appraisal & Evaluation Forms


Section 1: General

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TxDOT has standard forms for the appraisal and valuation of right of way parcels. All forms are permitted on all right of way projects. For appraisals of properties other than for right of way parcels, see Chapter 9 of this manual.

Selection of the appropriate form is based on the appraisal problem. If the assigned appraiser discovers that a more detailed form is necessary, that appraiser should notify ROW PD. Should ROW PD find that the Memorandum of Value Determination or Real Estate Value Finding Report is inadequate for the appraisal problem, it should contract with a fee appraiser. When a contracted fee appraiser is using form ROW-A-6 Real Estate Appraisal Report and finds that ROW-A-5 Real Estate Appraisal Report is more applicable to the appraisal problem, then the review appraiser should be consulted. If a new form is justified, the appraiser will have to be re-contracted based on the use of the new form.

As stated in the “Certificate of Appraiser” section of the first page of forms ROW-A-5 and ROW-A-6, the appraisal “... is prepared in conformity with appropriate state laws, regulations, and policies and procedures applicable to the appraisal of right of way...” Adherence to such state laws may result in the appraiser’s need to invoke the Jurisdictional Exception of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). If so, the appraiser should state this exception on an attachment. Appraisal forms ROW-A-7 and ROW-A-8 are waiver evaluations and not appraisals as defined by Uniform Act and, therefore, are not required to comply with appraisal standards and requirements regardless of their source (49 CFR 24.102(c)(2).

Pursuant to the Texas Property Code, Section 21.0111, TxDOT is required to furnish a copy of any appraisal report(s) (used to establish an approved value(s) for a parcel/parcels) to the property owner. This includes "any and all appraisal reports produced or acquired by the entity relating specifically to the owner's property and prepared in the 10 years preceding the date of the offer" and not limited to appraisals that form the basis of the offer. However, form ROW-A-10 Tabulation of Values is not included in this amendment, and shall not be furnished to the property owner.

When furnishing the property owner with a copy of the appraisal report(s), TxDOT personnel should have the property owner sign form ROW-A-RA Receipt of Appraisal Report.

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