Section 3: Appraisal for Disposition of Engineering, Maintenance, and Dredge Disposal Sites

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Generally, the appraisals will be made of TxDOT's interest in the land plus the improvements that are to be sold with the property. The appraiser should be cautioned not to appraise any improvements to be removed by R/W-PD before the sale. The rights to oil, gas, and sulfur should not be appraised when TxDOT holds title to these rights.

Occasionally situations arise whereby it is expedient to exchange surplus maintenance sites for other land needed for highway purposes. An exchange of a surplus maintenance site will be handled much like exchanges of surplus ROW and will be based on appraised values of the lands. R/W-PD will obtain approval of the proposed exchange from Support Services Division's Facilities Management Section and from ROW Division HQ before assigning the appraiser and requesting a work authorization for the appraiser.

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