Section 2: Appraisal of New Engineering, Maintenance Sites, and Dredge Disposal Sites

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After the Support Services Division has approved district's recommendation regarding the acquisition of a new site, ROW Division HQ will notify R/W-PD to have an appraisal made of the proposed site using a fee appraiser contracted by TxDOT. Only one appraisal is required. The appraisal generally will be made based on acquiring fee simple title to the property unless otherwise negotiated, and the normal procedure for appraising ROW will be followed.

R/W-PD will then direct the appraiser to furnish an appraisal in accordance with this section using pages 1, 2 PVS, SCA, CA, IA of form ROW-A-5, Real Estate Appraisal Report, plus supporting documentation accompanying the form ROW-A-5S, Comparable Data Supplement. The appraisals will be made of the site considered as a whole acquisition of fee simple title in the land excluding oil, gas, and sulfur, since the owner reserves the minerals. Generally, appraisal guidelines should follow procedures as set out in Chapter 2 of this manual, unless directed otherwise by ROW Division HQ. Upon receipt of the completed appraisals, R/W-PD will review the appraisals to determine that all items are properly covered, that the forms are complete, and that all items have been considered in accordance with appraisal instructions. After R/W-PD has approved the appraisal report and determined a recommended value for the property based upon the appraisal, R/W-PD will submit the recommended value to ROW Division HQ on form ROW-A-10S, Tabulation of Values for Engineering, Maintenance, & Dredge Disposal Sites, and Surplus Real Property Purposes.

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