Section 2: Approved Values

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The review appraiser can recommended appraisal reports for use by TxDOT.

The review appraiser will electronically submit a copy of each appraisal report and the approved ROW-A-10 Tabulation of Values to ROW PD.

ROW PD will approve the ROW-A-10 Tabulation of Values in ROWIS, and submit an electronic copy to staff for authorized signature.

If requested by ROW PD, the ROW Program Office will review the recommended value. In this case, the ROW Program Office will return the reviewed ROW-A-10 Tabulation of Values (with appropriate comments for ROW PD’s consideration) before the authorized ROW PD staff approves the ROW-A-10 and the parcel value. If the submission is complete and properly documented (and the ROW Program Office concurs with ROW PD’s recommendation), approval of the total value shown on the form ROW-A-10 will be indicated by the ROW PD staff’s signature.

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