Section 6: Independent Appraisals

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When the same parcel is assigned to more than one appraiser, TxDOT should furnish each appraiser identical material and legal instructions. It is of primary importance that each appraiser should make an independent inspection of the property being appraised and a finding of values without knowledge of the opinions of value of other appraisers working on the parcel. The only deviation from this requirement is that joint inspection may be permitted if specifically requested by the property owner and approved by the ROW Program Office.

Where two or more appraisers have formed a partnership, ROW PD should exercise due diligence in making appraisal assignments to see that such partners are not working on the same parcel or parcels having comparable characteristics to avoid conflict of interest. This should hold true regardless of the parcel location on one or more projects. If a partnership has not been formed, but the appraisers are working out of the same office, the same requirements prevail.

It is the responsibility of ROW PD to see that appraisal reports and the values estimated therein are completely independent, and that each appraiser works independently in the assembly of any information needed and not furnished by TxDOT including individual verification of comparable sales.

NOTE: An appraisal assignment made to a staff appraiser should also be an independent appraisal.

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