Section 6: Miscellaneous Forms for Use in Appraisal and Evaluation

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Form ROW-A-9, Property Classification Agreement

Form ROW-A-9 Property Classification Agreement is used to classify property as realty or personalty for the purposes of relocation assistance. See Chapter 3, Section 2, Legal Instructions - Personalty and Realty. As stated in that section, this form should ideally be completed before making the appraisal assignment and shall be included in the appraisal report.

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Form ROW-A-10D, Tabulation of Values (Value Determination)

Form ROW-A-10D Tabulation of Values - Memorandum of Value Determination is used in conjunction with form ROW-A-8 Memorandum of Value Determination to demonstrate recommended value for an uncomplicated parcel.

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Form ROW-A-13, Declaration as to Method of Handling of Mobile Home

Form ROW-A-13 Declaration as to Method of Handling Mobile Home is used to certify a mobile home on the property to be acquired as personal property and that it is easily transportable.

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Form ROW-A-PVD, Parcel Value Determination for LPA’s

Form ROW-A-PVD Parcel Value Determination Form for LPAs is an optional waiver valuation form that may be used by LPAs, at their discretion, to determine parcel value. It is similar to the form ROW-A-8 Memorandum of Value Determination, but designed for an LPA’s use.

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