Section 6: Miscellaneous Forms for Use in Appraisal and Evaluation

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Form ROW-A-9, Property Classification Agreement

Form ROW-A-9 is used to classify whether property is realty or personalty for the purposes of relocation assistance. See Section 2 of Chapter 3 for further discussion on Legal Instructions - Personalty and Realty. As stated in that section, this form should ideally be completed before making the appraisal assignment and shall be included in the appraisal report.

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Form ROW-A-10D, Tabulation of Values (Value Determination)

Form ROW-A-10D is used in conjunction with form ROW-A-8 to demonstrate recommended value for an uncomplicated parcel.


Form ROW-A-11, Declaration of Personal Property

Form ROW-A-11 is used to certify that an advertising sign is personal property for the purposes of relocation assistance. See Section 5, Procedures on Appraisals of Specific Types & Situations, of Chapter 3 for further discussion on advertising signs and the completion of this form.

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Form ROW-A-13, Declaration as to Method of Handling of Mobile Home

Form ROW-A-13 is used to certify a mobile home on the property to be acquired as personal property and that it is easily transportable.

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Form ROW-A-PVD, Parcel Value Determination for LPA’s

Form ROW-A-PVD is an optional waiver valuation form that may be used by LPAs, at their discretion, to determine parcel value. It is similar to the form ROW-A-8, Memorandum of Parcel Determination, but designed for an LPA’s use.

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