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Section 6: Pre-Mediation Conference and Mediation Procedures

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R/W-PD staff will prepare for and participate in the pre-mediation conference and mediation, using form ROW-E-MED. ROW Division HQ may participate in pre-mediation conference as necessary when requested by the OAG or R/W-PD.

Staff appraisers shall review the appraisal reports, provide relevant information and assistance in the deliberations to establish a settlement amount for mediation purposes. The staff appraiser will attend the pre-mediation conference and provide assistance for the participants with appraisal information and related subjects.

It is recommended that R/W-PD staff appraiser attend the mediation to assist the OAG and R/W-PD personnel in the proceedings. The ROW Division HQ staff appraiser may attend at the request of R/W-PD, OAG, or the ROW Division Director

For a more detailed description of mediation procedures, refer to Mediation, in TxDOT’s Right of Way Manual Vol. 4 - Eminent Domain.

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