Section 2: Reviewing Personnel

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All appraisals will be verified in R/W-PD and entered into ROWIS before the establishment of an approved value.

The ROW Division will approve all parcel values for:

R/W-PD reviewing personnel must be approved staff appraisers. A R/W-PD state certified general review appraiser will conduct all technical reviews on appraisal reports and recommend for approval all parcel values in accordance with Chapters 3, 5, and 6 of this manual. If a R/W-PD staff reviewer provides significant assistance with a technical review, but does not sign the review, they must be acknowledged in the certification, and disclosure of their assistance must appear somewhere in the review. The review appraiser will complete the form ROW-A-10, Tabulation of Values in ROWIS. The review appraiser will sign and forward the form ROW-A-10 for approval by the district engineer.

After approval by ROW Division, the review appraiser will forward by regular mail to ROW Division HQ the signed original form ROW-A-10 along with the appraisal report by regular mail for tracking and accounting purposes.

R/W-PD and/or the review appraiser may request additional review or consultation from ROW Division HQ. In such case, the review appraiser will submit one copy of the appraisal report and duplicate copies of the completed form ROW-A-10 to ROW Division, before signing by R/W-PD. ROW Division HQ then will return the approved form ROW-A-10 with appropriate comments for R/W-PD’s consideration before R/W-PD approves the parcel value.

R/W-PD appraisal staff may need to request assistance from the appraisal staff of another R/W-PD office or ROW Division HQ. In such a case, form ROW-A-16, Inter-District/Right of Way Division Assistance Agreement, should be completed by and between the participating R/W-PD offices or ROW Division HQ.

The review appraisers in R/W-PD must make a field check of all right of way parcels and comparable sales in the area and become familiar with the area development. The review appraiser must have knowledge of the various elements of property values, costs, depreciation, rents, compensability of damages and enhancements, zoning restrictions, building codes, etc., and be able to recognize any discrepancies in appraisal reports or to reconcile variances between reports. They must be familiar with salvage values, relocation costs and compensation derived by sales through the General Services Commission in order to be qualified to recommend amounts to be subtracted if the owner retains improvements.

Although R/W-PD reviewing personnel must be approved staff appraisers, the reviewer and the appraiser of a parcel must never be the same person.

The review appraiser must be qualified and competent for the scope of work necessary for the appraisal review assignment. If the agency should use a contract or fee appraiser as a reviewer, the appraiser must be state licensed or certified in accordance with Title 11 of the Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act of 1989 (FIRREA) (12 U.S. C. 3331 et seq.).

A negotiator may supervise and/or formally evaluate the performance of appraisal personnel only upon ROW Division HQ approval prior to the negotiator’s appointment.

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