Section 6: ROW PD Submission of Recommended Values

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ROW PD Review of Appraisals and Preparation of Form ROW-A-10

ROW PD will make a determination of the values to be recommended by reviewing the value information that is set forth in the appraisal review sections of this manual. Form ROW-A-10 Tabulation of Values will be prepared for each parcel in accordance with Chapter 6, Establishing Right of Way Values and Chapter 3, Valuation - Legal Aspects & Policy. The form should be completed to show the amount for each improvement that is to be subtracted from the approved value if the owner retains.

ROW PD’s recommended values are submitted on form ROW-A-10 Tabulation of Values. As outlined in Chapter 2, Section 11, Economic Adjustments where a value is less than $1,000, the recommended value may be rounded upward to $1,000. Consideration should be given to rounding to values less than $1,000 maximum where inexpensive parcel sizes vary and such values should be rounded proportionately according to size, insofar as this is possible, so that there will not be a semblance of inequity in the values so established. Form ROW-A-10 will show “No” in the fencing column when no fencing is done, or where fencing is included in the recommended value and the LPA acts as agent for the property owner in performing the fencing work as a property adjustment in lieu of payment to the owner. The fencing column of form ROW-A-10 will be completed to show “Yes” if the LPA is to perform the right of way fencing under agreement with the state either on a lump sum or actual cost basis, neither a value for existing fences whose use will be restored by the new fence nor damages for an unfenced condition will be included in the recommended value for payment

Form ROW-A-10 Tabulation of Values will show the classification of bisected improvements as Category I or II. When the total value recommended on form ROW-A-10 includes values for more than one advertising sign, a footnote should be added to show the owner and the amount for each sign. When advertising signs not owned by the landowner or lessee in possession of the property are involved, follow procedures as outlined in Advertising Sign Interests. A complete description as to type, size, height, poles, etc., will be given for each sign having a compensable interest and handled as a part of the realty.

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Data to be Submitted to the ROW Program Office

Regardless of whether the state, the county or the city recommends the values, one original copy of form ROW-A-10 Tabulation of Values bearing ROW PD’s recommendation for approval, will be forwarded to the ROW Program Office. The submission will also include and be supported by all information supplied by the LPA and all information or appraisal reports acquired by ROW PD in making its independent studies and investigations. When the state is to determine values under the waiver provision of the contractual agreement, the state’s appraisal reports will be included in the submission to the ROW Program Office. The LPA signature line will be voided on the form ROW-A-10.

Any leasehold ownership, including sign leaseholds, and pass rights to be retained in a parcel, should be clearly indicated on form ROW-A-10 Tabulation of Values to notify the LPA that such interest must be cleared.

If field note descriptions have not been submitted to the ROW Program Office previously and approved, they are to be submitted at this stage. If available, copies of work sheets or traverse sheets should be submitted with the field notes.

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