Chapter 9: Special Site Appraisal Situations


Section 1: Introduction

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This chapter contains information and procedures regarding appraisals for disposition:

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Appraisal services for the disposition of TxDOT property will be obtained in the same manner as appraisal services for the acquisition of property. The appraisal assignment will be accomplished using the appraisal work authorization and is to be signed by the R/W-PD supervisor or designated representative. One copy is forwarded to ROW Division HQ, one copy is forwarded to the appraiser, and one copy is retained in the R/W-PD office for its files. The appraisal fee will be a predetermined amount, based on the fee schedule in the appraiser’s work authorization.

A potential purchaser of property no longer needed for highway purposes may select their own appraiser in lieu of TxDOT selecting the appraiser. However, the selected appraiser must be department-certified with TxDOT and his/her report, though not required to be on an official TxDOT form, must comply with the appraisal guidelines in the ROW Appraisal and Review Manual. TxDOT reserves the right to commission its own appraisal, particularly on high value tracts relative to anticipated appraisal cost.

If the selected appraiser is not already department-certified, the appraiser must become department-certified before TxDOT will consider the appraisal for the disposition of property.

Refer to "Becoming a TxDOT Department-Certified Appraiser" in Chapter 2 of this manual, for specific instructions on applying to become a department-certified appraiser.

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