Section 5: Conversion of Rural Road Permits and Registrations

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In the event a rural road is reclassified as a primary highway, TxDOT will convert a registration or a permit for a rural road sign to a permit for a primary highway only if the owner has a valid Outdoor Advertising License or obtains one within 60 days of being notified. A holder of a permit or registration converted under this subsection will not be required to pay an original permit fee; however, the permit must be renewed annually on the date the renewal of the rural road permit or registration would have been due. In the event a sign owner has prepaid registration fees, the outstanding prepayment will be credited to the sign owner's annual renewal fee. TxDOT will issue permit plates to a holder of a permit or a registration converted under this subsection at no charge. In the event replacement plates are needed after the initial issuance, fees will be charged.

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