Section 3: Destruction of Trees/Violation of Control of Access

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Trees and vegetation on the TxDOT 's right of way may not be destroyed or cut for any purpose. TxDOT will not issue a permit for a sign that will be obscured by existing vegetation or landscaping along the highway right of way.

TxDOT will not issue a permit for a sign unless it can be erected or maintained from private property.

TxDOT will cancel a permit for the erection and maintenance of an outdoor advertising sign if the owner, or someone acting on behalf of the owner, does not comply with state law or regulations. TxDOT may further seek all other relief made available by law to recover damages and costs to enforce this provision.

It is not a violation to trim the portion of the tree or vegetation that encroaches onto private property at the private property line as long as the trimming occurs from the private property.

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