Section 3: Exempt Signs

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Exempt Types

The following types of signs do not require a State Rural Road Sign Permit to be erected or maintained:

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  • Signs allowed under the Highway Beautification Act.
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  • Signs in existence before September 1, 1985, provided the sign has a valid sign registration.
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  • Signs erected for the protection of life or property.
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  • Directional or other official signs authorized by law, including signs pertaining to natural wonders and scenic or historic attractions.
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  • Signs or markers giving information about the location of underground electric transmission lines, telegraph or telephone properties and facilities, pipelines, public sewers or waterlines.
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  • Signs erected by a governmental entity.
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  • Signs erected solely for and relating to public elections if:
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    • the sign is on private property;
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    • the sign is erected no sooner than the 90th day before the election and is removed no later than the 10th day after the election;
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    • the sign is constructed of lightweight material;
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    • the surface is not larger than 50 square feet;
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    • the sign is not visible from the main-traveled way of an interstate or primary highway.
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  • On-premise and off-premise signs that are no larger than eight (8) square feet.
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  • Off-premise signs that are no larger than 32 square feet and show only the name of a place or activity and directions to the place or activity.
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  • Signs of a nonprofit service club, charitable association, religious organization, chamber of commerce, or nonprofit museum that gives information about the meetings, services, events, or locations of the entity and that does not exceed an area of 32 square feet.
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  • Off-premise signs on private property which are no larger than 50 square feet, advertising the name of a small business and directions to same.
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  • Signs required by the Texas Railroad Commission at the principal entrance to or on each oil or gas producing property, well, tank, or measuring facility to identify or locate such property; such signs shall be no larger in size than is necessary to comply with Texas Railroad Commission regulations and will have no advertising messages other than the name or logo of the company and necessary directions.
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  • Signs owned by a Chamber of Commerce organization which are no larger than 150 square feet, if the message is limited to public service information, does not mention any specific person, service or product, and if the sign is located within the ETJ of the city supported by the organization, or within the county in the case of a county Chamber of Commerce organization.
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  • Off-premise portable signs in the unincorporated area of a county with a population of 2.4 million or more, according to the most recent federal census, provided such county is either prohibiting such signs or is regulating the location, height, size, anchoring, or use of such portable signs.
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  • Signs in the ETJ of a municipality, unless the municipality allows the Commission to regulate outdoor signs in the municipality's ETJ by filing a written notice with the Commission.
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  • On-premise signs in the unincorporated area of a county with a population of more than 2.4 million, or of a county that borders a county with that population, if such a county has adopted an ordinance to regulate on-premise signs. In lieu of adopting an ordinance, a Commissioners Court of the county, by order, may allow the Commission to regulate on-premise signs in the unincorporated area of the county in accordance with a municipal or county regulation.

The following types of signs are exempt from requirements related to face restrictions:

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