Section 7: Funding Junkyard Control Projects

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Current TxDOT policy is to use no funds to acquire junkyards under the Highway Beautification Act of 1965.

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Eminent Domain

Due to no funding of the Junkyard Control Program, it is not contemplated that any eminent domain actions will be instituted in the foreseeable future to compel a junkyard operator and landowner to provide the screening, relocation or other control measures to a nonconforming junkyard. When such an action becomes necessary, the procedure to be followed will be established by agreement between the ROW Division and the Office of the Attorney General. The procedure will be similar to the procedure for acquisition of highway right of way by TxDOT through condemnation proceedings. Eminent domain procedures will not be used to acquire a residence or to acquire a temporary easement on land other than the junkyard land in order to erect a screen.

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