Section 4: Impractical Screening Situations

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The following junkyard situations should be considered to be impractical to screen:

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  • Abandoned or discontinued junkyard establishments.
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  • Vacant land which has become a dumping ground for abandoned junk.
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  • A portion of a junkyard which contains inventory having no economic or resale value to the owner.
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  • Junkyards which will be terminated within a five-year period.
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  • Where the junkyard, at is location, is a hazard to public safety or health under Texas law.
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  • Where it can be shown that the benefits of screening are far outweighed by the benefits of removal, taking into account community preferences, existing land uses in the area, traffic conditions, planning, aesthetics, cost, zoning, etc.
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  • Where a junkyard owner volunteers all or a substantial portion of the property for removal.
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  • Where the topography of the land will not permit adequate screening.
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  • Where screening would block out a scenic vista or other significant landmark.
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