Section 4: License Approval, Duration, and Renewal

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Upon receipt of the license application, bond, power of attorney and fee, personnel in the ROW Division will examine the submission to determine if it is complete. The license, bearing a number by sequence of issuance, will be sent to the applicant. The license number assigned must be shown on all correspondence relating to this licensee, including all sign permit applications, permit renewals and permit transfers. A commercial sign license is not transferable and is valid only for the named licensee or licensees.

The Enterprise Permitting Solution (EPS), provides information on new licenses, license renewals, acceptance of new bonds and bond cancellations, license expirations, license revocations and other information important to ROW Division personnel. The EPS program also tracks sign permit information. When a license is no longer valid, the ROW Division must provide this information to all certified cities within the state, so that the city may take appropriate action against the sign permit holder.

If payment for the license is dishonored upon presentment by TxDOT, the license will be canceled as of the date of receipt of payment.

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Further Compliance Required on License Submission

If the license cannot be issued, due to an incomplete or improperly completed submission, the submission will be returned to the applicant, with a list of corrections that must be made before a license can be issued.

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Duration of Commercial Sign License

The commercial sign license is valid for one year, unless it is relinquished by the license holder or suspended or revoked by TxDOT .

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Renewal of Commercial Sign Licenses

A commercial sign license must be renewed each year. A license issued prior to January 1, 1991 must be renewed on or before January 1 of each succeeding year. A license issued after January 1, 1991 must be renewed each year on the anniversary date of its issuance. Notification of renewal will be sent to the license holder. Licenses that are not renewed before the 46th day after the license’s expiration date will automatically expire.

To renew the license, the licensee must:

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  • complete Commercial Sign License Renewal Application, confirming that the commercial sign bond supporting the license remains in force, or renew the commercial sign license online through the Enterprise Permitting Solution (also known as EPS);
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  • provide a nonrefundable license renewal fee of $75.00, made payable to TxDOT Highway Beautification Fund;
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  • The license renewal application and fee must be submitted online through EPS or mailed to the Texas Department of Transportation, ROW Division, P.O. Box 13043, Austin, Texas 78711-3043.

If the check or credit card submitted in payment of the license renewal is dishonored upon presentment by TxDOT, the renewal will be canceled as of the date of receipt of payment.

As of April 19, 2012, an outdoor advertising license is now required to erect a sign along a rural road.

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