Section 5: Means of Screening

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Screening should be relatively maintenance free and should be as compatible with the general area as possible. Climate, soil conditions, extent of land area available, types of interests which may be required and the availability of materials are pertinent factors to be considered.

Consideration should be given to all means of accomplishing effective screening according to the characteristics of each site. Existing natural screens should be used to the maximum extent possible and should compliment the adjacent environment.

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Alternative Means

Alternatives to natural screening that should be considered include:

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  • Plant materials
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    • Evergreen trees and shrubs may be used; no deciduous plants should be used.
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    • Plants which require minimum maintenance are preferred.
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    • Plants should have high density growth from the ground to eight feet or more.
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  • Earthen berms:
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    • should be provided with adequate area to aesthetically shape earth mounds and embankments;
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    • should have no adverse drainage problems created by their construction;
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    • with plants should be used when feasible to produce a natural appearance; and
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    • must be provided with adequate erosion control.
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  • Architectural barriers
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    • Walls may be constructed with concrete blocks, bricks, stone, or other material. Economics is to be considered along with aesthetics.
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  • Fences
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    • Slatted chain link is acceptable only when supplemented by evergreen natural plantings. The slats may be either metal, wood, plastic or other durable material. The color of the slats should blend with the adjacent environment.
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    • Wood boards - redwood or cedar are preferred. Boards should be vertical and tight fitting. Where wind is a factor, a vertical or horizontal shadow box design may be used.
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    • Metal - painted galvanized steel sheets may be used. Aluminum siding with sufficient structural strength may also be used. Reclaimed scrap is to be avoided. Special consideration should be given to visual impact where a metal fence is used. The color of the metal fence must be compatible with the surrounding environment.

Buildings which are in existence may be incorporated in the screening plans if they provide assistance in blocking the view of the junk.

Signs may not be used for junkyard screens or placed on junkyard screens.

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