Section 9: Nonprofit Signs

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A nonprofit organization may obtain a permit to erect or maintain a nonprofit sign, with a reduced original fee of $10.00, and a $10.00 annual renewal fee.

No commercial sign license is required to obtain a nonprofit sign permit, or to maintain a nonprofit sign.

In order to qualify for a non-profit sign permit issued under this subsection, a sign must comply with all applicable requirements from which it is not specifically exempted, be in a conforming location, and it must meet the definition of a nonprofit sign.

An application for a nonprofit sign permit must include, in detail, the content of the message to be displayed on the sign.

If at any time the sign ceases to meet the requirements for a nonprofit sign, the permit will be subject to cancellation.

If the holder of a nonprofit permit loses its nonprofit status or wishes to advertise or promote something other than the municipality or political subdivision, a commercial sign license must be obtained and the permit must be converted to a permit for a commercial sign other than a nonprofit sign. The license and permit applications and fees can be found on the TxDOT website.

A nonprofit organization holding a valid permit for a nonconforming sign that would otherwise qualify for a permit under this subsection may convert its permit to a nonprofit permit by filing an application with the ROW Division. No fee is charged for the conversion; the permit may be renewed for $10.00 per year.

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