Section 6: On-Premise Signs

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On-premise signs do not require a permit. However, they are subject to rules pertaining to size, height and lighting, and a business may not maintain more than five (5) on-premise signs along each frontage on a single rural road at a single business location. Also, any proposed sign structure must be able to withstand wind load pressures as set out in Wind Load Pressure for signs on interstate or primary highways.

An on-premise sign is a sign that:

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  • is located on the real property of a business and consists only of the name, logo, trademark, telephone number, and internet address of that business; or an identification of that business's principal and accessory products or services offered on the property; or
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  • only advertises the sale or lease of the real property on which the sign is located and is removed within 90 days after the date of the closing of the real property transaction.
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