Chapter 3: TxDOT Organizational Responsibilities for Sign and Junkyard Control


Section 1: ROW Division Responsibilities

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The ROW Division of TxDOT, under the supervision of the Director of ROW Division, has been delegated the responsibility for developing policies and procedures to assure compliance with the Highway Beautification Act of the Transportation Code, Chapter 391 and 43TAC, Subchapters H, I, K, and Q pertaining to the control, acquisition and reimbursement for commercial signs and control of the screening of junkyards.

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ROW Division

The ROW Division responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

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  • processing of commercial sign license applications, commercial sign permit applications, commercial sign permit amendment applications, transfers of commercial sign permits;
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  • issuing the license, accepting the bond, and issuing the permits;
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  • processing the fees, received by the ROW Division;
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  • keeping appropriate records;
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  • returning incomplete applications with instructions regarding additional requirements that must be met;
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  • communication with commercial sign owners regarding their questions concerning commercial sign regulations;
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  • liaison with cities and counties which have established local control of commercial signs;
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  • assistance in the development of regulations and law for the control of commercial signs and the screening of junkyards;
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  • communication with legislators and the public on the interpretation of existing regulations and laws;
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  • maintenance of fiscal control of funds authorized for expenditure under the commercial sign and junkyard control;
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  • maintenance of commercial sign license and permit records.
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  • the preparation of annual inventories and maps of signs, sign sites and junkyards;
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  • the inspection of sign locations prior to issuance of permits;
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  • the issuance, renewal, transfer and cancellation of sign permits;
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  • referral to the various County and District Attorneys for prosecution of those persons who violate the Highway Beautification law or the rules and regulations thereunder;
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  • referral to the Attorney General's office for prosecution of those persons who don't bring their signs into compliance;
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  • monitoring each certified city's records to confirm that the certified city is exercising control of signs in compliance with the Highway Beautification laws;
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  • monitoring receipt and expenditure of funds for commercial signs and junkyards.
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  • resolving public complaints related to violation of state laws and rules.
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