Section 3: Commercial Sign Bond

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The commercial sign bond must be fully executed by a surety company authorized to transact the business of surety insurance in Texas. The purpose of the bond is to reimburse the Commission for removal costs of a sign the license holder unlawfully erects or maintains. The Surety Company must assign a bond number to the bond. Please note the following:

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  • The sign owner/principal name on the bond must be completed exactly as shown on the Commercial Sign License Application.
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  • The full name and address of the surety company is required on the bond.
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  • The amount of the bond required is $2,500.00 for each county in which signs are to be erected or maintained, up to a maximum of $10,000.00 for four or more counties (Statewide coverage).
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  • The effective date of the bond must be the same in both places on the bond.

If the applicant is a corporation, the bond must be signed by a corporate officer with the name of the corporation printed above the corporate officer's signature and title, and the corporate charter number printed beneath the officer's signature and title. For an individual applicant, the applicant's social security number is required.

An Attorney-in-Fact or other representative of the Surety Company must also sign the bond. The name of the Surety Company must be printed above the signature. A Power of Attorney must be attached to the bond for the surety company representative who signs the bond. A certification date is required at the bottom of the Power of Attorney attached to the bond.

The original bond with original signatures must be provided. Duplicated or stamped signatures will not be accepted. An example of a completed bond is available.

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