Chapter 5: Outdoor Advertising License


Section 1: Overview

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Before erecting or maintaining an outdoor advertising sign, other than an exempt sign or a nonprofit sign, along a regulated highway or regulated rural road, the sign owner must first obtain an outdoor advertising license from the ROW Division of the Texas Department of Transportation. Necessary forms may be obtained from the ROW Division or from the TxDOT website. To obtain a license, it is necessary to submit an Outdoor Advertising License Application (Form ROW-OA-1), an Outdoor Advertisers Bond (Form ROW-OA-2), and a nonrefundable license fee of $125.00 made payable to TxDOT Outdoor Advertising. A checklist on the back of the license application contains guidelines for completing both forms. The submission for a license application and the license fee must be mailed to the Texas Department of Transportation, ROW Division, P.O. Box 13043, Austin, Texas 78711-3043.

As of April 19, 2012 an outdoor advertising license is now required to erect a sign along a rural road

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