Section 2: Commercial Sign License Application

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Commercial sign licenses can be issued only in the full legal name of an individual or individuals or in the exact name of a corporation, partnership, limited partnership, trust, bank or other legal entity. The Commercial Sign License Application must:

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  • be completed in the legal name of each party wishing to erect a sign or signs;
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  • include the mailing address, email address, and telephone number of the applicant; and
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  • indicate the county or counties in which the applicant plans to erect or maintain signs. If the category "More than three counties" is selected, the coverage will include the entire state.
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A license may be issued to one or more individuals. A married woman must use her own given name and not that of her husband; (e.g., use Mary Jane Smith, rather than Mrs. John Smith.) The Social Security number of an individual applicant is required. If application is submitted by mail, the application must have the applicant's notarized signature. If more than one individual is applying for the license, as Mary Smith and John Ford, both must sign as owners at the bottom of the license application. An example of a completed Commercial Sign License Application (Form ROW-OA-1) is available.

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Corporations, partnerships, trusts, and other legal entities must use the exact name on file with the Office of the Texas Secretary of State. In the event the legal entity is not on file with that Office, documentation from the regulating authority must be provided to establish the legal name of the entity. Please note that the assigned charter number required is the file number designated by the Office of the Texas Secretary of State. Each application must have the corporate officer's notarized signature. The officer's corporate title must be printed or typed beneath the signature. An example of a completed ROW-OA-1, Commercial Sign License Application is available.

If submitting by mail, the original license application with original signatures must be provided. Duplicated or stamped signatures will not be accepted.

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