Section 7: Prohibited Signs

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Prohibited Types

The following types of commercial signs shall not be erected or maintained along, or be visible from, the main-traveled way of a regulated highway unless otherwise authorized by law:

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  • signs that are erected or maintained upon trees or painted or drawn upon rocks or other natural features;
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  • signs that are erected or maintained within the right of way of a public roadway or within what would be the right of way if the right of way boundary lines were projected across an area of railroad right of way, utility right of way, or road right of way not owned by the State or any political subdivision. Legally erected and permitted signs may be maintained as nonconforming signs in areas used jointly by TxDOT and a railroad or utility company if they were erected prior to March 3, 1986;
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  • signs erected or maintained without a permit or operated without a license;
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  • signs prohibited by Transportation Code, §544.006, governing the display of unauthorized signs, signals and markings. These include:
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    • signs with flashing lights within 1000 feet of an intersection;
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    • signs that imitate or resemble official traffic-control devices or railroad signs or signals;
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    • signs that attempt to direct the movement of traffic; or
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    • signs that hide from view or hinder the effectiveness of an official traffic-control device or railroad sign or signal.
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