Section 4: Replacement Plates for Outdoor Advertising Signs

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Replacement Procedure

If the permit plate becomes illegible or becomes detached from the sign structure, a replacement plate must be obtained. Form ROW-OA-23, Application for Replacement Permit Plate(s), may be obtained from the ROW Division or from the department’s public internet site. The sign owner must affix the replacement plate to the sign structure. A nonrefundable fee of $25.00 made payable to TxDOT Outdoor Advertising is required for each replacement plate. The submission for the replacement plate application and the fee must be mailed to the Texas Department of Transportation, ROW Division, P.O. Box 13043, Austin, Texas 78711-3043.

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Supply of Plates

A supply of sign permit plates is maintained by TxDOT's Distribution Center at Centimeter Circle and monitored by the ROW Division. Permit plates may only be drawn from the Distribution Center facility by the Director of the ROW Division or assignee.

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Disposition of Used Permit Plates

Once a State sign permit plate has been used on a sign and it has served its purpose, it should be removed and destroyed.

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