Section 2: Transfer of Municipal Control

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Transfer of Control to the State

When a certified city that has elected to control signs relinquishes that control, a date for transfer of authority should be established as soon as possible. Signs erected under certified city permits prior to the transfer date will be considered properly permitted provided the sign has been erected or substantially constructed prior to assumption of State control. Sign owners should be contacted at the earliest possible date and advised of the change in jurisdiction.

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Requirements Subsequent to Transfer of Control

State permits will be required for all new signs to be erected after the transfer date and such signs must comply with the State's commercial sign regulations.

Control by the State does not preclude the necessity for the sign owner to meet the requirements for city ordinances, in addition to those required by the Highway Beautification law. The city or town should refrain from issuing a building permit for a sign along a controlled highway until a State permit is obtained.

When a certified city relinquishes control to the State, the inventory of existing signs along controlled highways within the town or city should be updated as soon as possible after the transfer date. Such signs should be classified as conforming or nonconforming in accordance with the State's criteria in lieu of the city's standards.

Renewal of permits for these signs will begin one year from the date of transfer from the city. The procedure and form used will be the same as that for permits issued by the State.

Documentation (letter or transfer forms) of transfer must be kept on file in the ROW Division.

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