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Section 3: Bridge Cost Information Review

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As of September 2013, the Bridge Division performs the Bridge Cost Information (BCI) review for all projects with bridge-class structures. The review is conducted just prior to the Financial Management Division’s submittal for the Federal Project Authorization and Agreement (FPAA) for construction.

As noted in Form 1002, Districts should submit final bridge layout sheets and an estimate of all bridge structures to the Bridge Division’s PS&E Review Branch for all projects with bridge structures, including bridge-class culverts. For projects using Category 6, also include final Plan and Profile sheets.

The BCI data is used to determine the cost per square foot (unit cost) of the bridge. This break-out arrangement provides information requirements for the reporting of bridge construction cost information to the Federal Highway Administration, Texas Legislature, Texas Transportation Commission, TxDOT Administration and users within the Department, and other public agencies. The FHWA requires each state to report the average unit cost for bridges constructed each year and uses this information to determine how much bridge funding each state receives annually.

The Bridge Division review will typically take one week from the date of submittal. The BCI information is reviewed by the following branches:

The Bridge Division BCI submittal process is as follows:

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  1. The District Bridge Engineer must approve final PS&E prior to submission of the BCI review.
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  3. The BCI is submitted to the Bridge Division’s PS&E Review Branch for review.
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    1. Email the submittal to the lead PS&E review engineer.
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    3. Email Subject: BCI, CSJ, County
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  5. Approval of the bridge project funding is sent to the Financial Management Division.

NOTE: The internal website is available only to TxDOT personnel. For assistance with accessing this site, please contact the District with which you are working, or the Bridge Division project manager.

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Guidelines for BCI Screen Entry

Cost estimates for bridge and bridge-class culvert work are shown on the DCIS P4 screen. The BCI data is used to determine the cost per square foot (unit cost) of the bridge. This information is also used to determine the unit cost for a particular type of bridge, which is used by bridge designers to select the type of superstructure most economical for a particular location, and to prepare estimates for similar bridge projects.

As mentioned above, the BCI is important data that is used to ensure bridge funding and provide good estimates for funding allocations; therefore, it is important that the BCI data is accurate. For more detailed information about how to enter this data, please use the pertinent memoranda on the internal Bridge Division Project Development web page: http://crossroads/org/brg/PD/index.htm.

The following information is required on the BCI screen for all bridge projects

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  • Type of bridge work (replacement, widening, rehabilitation, maintenance, repair, and new)National Bridge Inventory (NBI) number. Include the existing NBI for replacement projects.On or off state systemType of bridgeDeck areaCost percentageBridge length

Detailed step-by-step instructions can be found on the internal Bridge Division Project Development web page.

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Assessment of Bridge-Class Structure Deck Area

Enter the deck area into the mainframe BCI estimate for every bridge-class structure. TxDOT must be able to calculate the unit price of various bridge-class structures in order to seek adequate reimbursement from FHWA. To achieve this accuracy, BRG has developed a uniform method for all Districts to follow when calculating the deck area (sq. ft.) of a bridge-class structure. These instructions demonstrate how to enter the bridge deck area into the Bridge Cost Information (BCI), card type 12, so that only the relevant bridge item costs are attributed to the bridge portion of the project.Examples of bridge deck calculations are available here on the Bridge Division’s internal Project Development web page.

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Roadway Items Excluded from Bridge Item Estimate

To calculate the unit cost of a bridge project accurately, the bid items need to be divided in the appropriate manner. FHWA’s memorandum (HIBS-30) dated February 9, 2016, provides the proper breakout of bridge items from roadway items. Below are the roadway items that should be excluded from the bridge item estimate.Do not include the following items in the bridge item section of the estimate:

Include the following item with the bridge items section of the estimate:

The most current federal requirements can be found on the Bridge Division internal Project Development web page at http://crossroads/org/brg/PD/index.htm

If you need assistance accessing any of the internal website documents referenced in this chapter, please contact the District with which you are working, or the Bridge Division project manager.

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